This is a collection of famous SimYard quotes. Please add more if you have them (not of yourself, please)! See Erick Quotes for quotes Erick is to be held accountable to some degree for.

"Where have you been putting it, cel?" -Erick, on the topic of cel's above-chat play-by-play.

"a good ROKE leg" ... "a goodleg for temes that what to win more games" -kopa13

"So, being a mod makes you a better person?" -ziggy


"[/me] spills fanta on your cat's vagine feathers." -Target/WalMart/JCPenney, on your cat.

"mai tem sux" -the average noob

"I like checking out the girls in the stands." -the absent-minded perverted interact player

"they make the scegeul" -jettster

"i study the leauges everyday hopeing to join one" -Jthompson98

"That's what she said." -JNovo79, on her.

"In bed." -Nightwolf47 

"To be fair, spart's ass is like a clown car. just when you think nothing more can fit in there, out come 3 more clowns." -aristo84

"Does anyone play (some silly baseball game)?" -cbassEdit