The All-League Championship in SimYard refers to winning at-least one title in Majors, Triple-A, Double-A, Single-A, and Rookie. All 'All-League' winners are listed below by the year achieved.


In the event two or more teams are tied in the year they achieved the All-League, a series of tiebreakers are applied to determine which team receives placing above another.

1.) Number of titles needed (same season) - If one owner needs one classification title for inclusion, they will be placed above another owner that needs more than one classification title in the same season.
2.) Classification - (If a lower level team qualifies an owner for inclusion, they will be placed above someone who reaches the achievement with a team in a higher level. This emphasizes the importance on winning the higher levels first.)
Rookie ---- Single A ---- Double A ---- Triple A ---- Majors
3.) Time Won - (In the case of two or more teams of a classification qualifies two or more owners for inclusion, the time in which their series ends determines placing on the board)

The ListEdit

Owner Year
fleishm 1912
Blindwatchdg 1913
Venom 1914
MrSteak 1916
celeron450 1916
SlicesRight 1916
ksigpig 1917
Estrefi 1918
SouthPaw 1921
gscsimyard 1922
mdray2 1925
billp73 1926
ziggy 1927
mblaser 1928
sonoma 1930
horgar 1933
cbass 1933
tate1717 1933
verghn 1933
bottalico330 1934
lurker 1934
Jaxx 1935
coolhandluke 1936
novaag 1936
Roberto42aw 1937
hugybears 1940
jojo8 1941
cosmo 1941
laceratedsky 1941
Sharks 1942
arrowzag 1942
CodyBanks23 1946
joelwest 1946
Tfence92 1946
tdawg14 1949
Philly07 1951
jedi 1953
dinocam 1954
ironduck 1957
dcoope / dcoope006 1961
Nas 1963
FoulBall 1963
joey121875 1964

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